• Offer our customers a well curated variety of trendy recycled clothing as well as unique vintage pieces.

  • Be fair; In our pricing and practices.

  • Offer a creative space that is safe for all to shop without judgement.

  • Recycle everything we can, and give forgotten gems a new life.  

  • Offer an affordable alternative to fast fashion and the waste and unethical practices of the fashion industry

  • Acquire unique merchandise from our customers through in store trading.  

  • Hang with cool dogs.      

      The Bearded Beagle is a recycled and vintage clothing and vinyl records retailer in Los Angeles.  It was founded in 2012 by partners Matthew LaCasse and Rebecca Pieper. Their goal was to open a store that was not only fun and relevant, but affordable, and sustainable.  What started as a small Etsy store in 2012 (now defunct) quickly transformed into a 2,200 square foot retail store on Highland Park's Figueroa St. by 2013. In 2015 they opened their second location on Hollywood Blvd. in Los Feliz, and in 2016 opened their 3rd store "The Bearded Beagle Home" (Now Closed) on Highland Park's Monte Vista st. which carried a very curated selection of vintage clothing, and a record section curated by Fellowship Records.